Language teaching, IELTS practice, and other important student support services, to help you achieve your professional or academic goals.

working with you, to get the results you need

As a student, you will benefit from...

  • Regular classes to improve your English at your own pace.
  • A unique study plan to suit your specific target, such as achieving an IELTS score by a certain date.
  • Language training for your individual professional goals.
  • Support you after your course, as your needs change.


Student Support Tutorials

  • Experienced, sympathetic mentors and tutors are available to guide you through the tricky parts of your course.
  • Subject teachers in many subject areas can support you through your studies.
  • Group and one-to-one sessions
  • Proofing of your final drafts, with advice on formatting, referencing, etc.

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What our students say


I needed to improve my English language fluency before taking my position as a surgeon in the UK. I was sceptical that this could be done so quickly, but the teaching and guidance provided by the LLA resulted in success. I have now taken my skills and experience with me as I resume my previous position as an officer of the Greek Air Force. Thank you, my friends.

Dr Panos


Surgeon, Greece


I arrived from Romania, having accepted an offer of employment in the UK. As the final stage of satisfying the strict conditions, required by the BMA, I needed to reach a very high level in the IELTS test. With an intensive one-to-one effort from staff at the Leicester Language Academy, I was able to start work on schedule. I feel that the carefully-developed study plan made the difference, along with the willingness of teachers to work around my schedule. Thanks to everyone at LLA.

Dr Greco


Doctor, UK


As an Officer in the Qatari army, I brought a group of soldiers to Leicester to attend the Language Academy.
I found that the staff and teachers understood our targets and were willing to change courses and lessons for our group to get the best results, and also assist me in maintaining discipline and high expectations among the men. Our time at the Academy was successful.



Officer, Qatari Army


It was a fantastic experience studying at the Academy. They were so caring and friendly and helpful to me and my family. I have made friends for life and I will be back for sure. My daughters will also be there again for the next summer school

Thank you all.

Belen G Fernandez

Professor of Law - Universidad de Málaga

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