NW-narrowLeicester Language Academy (LLA) is an established private college, teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), located in a beautiful Georgian building on the historic New Walk of Leicester, only 65 minutes by train from central London.

The School of English has many years of experience. We run a variety of high quality English language courses and personalised programmes of English Language tuition, such as English as a Foreign Language (EFL), IELTS preparation courses and English for Academic purposes (EAP).

Our courses are designed to flexibly meet the individual needs of our students. Courses may be as short as two weeks; others, including English Language, can be as long as eleven months.

Student Support & Tutorials

With the continued success of the our English language school, we are pleased to introduce the Leicester Science Academy and New Walk Student Support Services. We have created these departments in response to demand for these very different services.

Over the past three years, we have responded to requests of all kinds from students from GCSE to degree level (and beyond), and now we now see the benefit of running these activities separately, with dedicated staff and specialists in the Sciences, ready to assist with a wide range of academic and pastoral situations. Some students just need help catching up with material missed through illness, while others find a particular module is causing problems, but we can help with almost anything that might be causing problems.

The Leicester Science Academy can offer rigourous, realistic training in the sciences from GCSE up to degree level, and proofreading up Master’s level.

The New Walk Student Support Centre is a drop-in centre that can help with everything else. We were students ourselves, once, and we haven’t forgotten what it’s like.
Come and talk to us if you think it might be useful. You never know – it might make all the difference.




#StudyTips #IELTS #ESOL #EFL #Grammar #LearnEnglish #英語 #영어 #Inglés #Anglais #Inglese #Angielski In #English grammar, a degree modifier is a word (such as very, rather, fairly, quite, somewhat, pretty, sort of, and kind of) that can precede adjectives and adverbs to indicate the degree or extent to which they apply. Also known as a degree adverb(ial) and a degree word.
Fairly, rather, quite and pretty are all degree modifiers. They are used to express the degree to which a certain quality is present. Fairly is an adverb of degree. It generally modifies adjectives and adverbs; Quite suggests a higher degree than fairly; Rather is stronger than quite. It suggests ideas such as more than is usual; Pretty is similar to rather.
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