IELTS preparation courses help you get the results you need for the Cambridge International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.

IELTS preparation courses are made up of intensive lessons focusing on the academic skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing English – needed to gain the results you need from the IELTS test.

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IELTS for immigration, study or employment

The IELTS exam is a good choice if you’re preparing to study or work in an English speaking country.

IELTS is recognised as an entrance requirement by most British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian universities.

IELTS is also recognised by many employers and government immigration agencies as a proof of English skills.

Prepare for an IELTS exam

Many of our IELTS teachers are also examiners so you can attain the best advice to help you get the scores you need.

Our IELTS classes have an average of 10 students per class. We keep class sizes small to ensure you receive plenty of personal support from our specialist teaching staff.

As LLAc is not an IELTS test centre, but you can take your IELTS exam at any centre in the UK.

IELTS preparation entrance test

To join an IELTS preparation course you will need to book the course and complete an entrance placement test.

You will be asked to come in to take the entrance placement test once you have booked your course.



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