Test your English!

This short quiz will give you a rough assessment of your current English level.

1. I’m glad I came ……………… in the UK!


2. When Sam was a small child, he _______ spend hours every day playing with stones in the garden.


3. Jack’s parents _______ and so I am sure they would love to go to the exhibition.


4. It’s a great place to live apart from the increasing volume of _______ that passes under my window every day.


5. I am sure I would have regretted it if I _______ to take the job.



6. Did you have any problems _______ our house?



7. The old railway station has now been turned _______ a very smart restaurant.


8. Pat has insisted _______ paying for the meal for all of us.



9. _______ he would be there, I never would have agreed to come.



10. _______ your help things would have been a disaster.


11. The band is planning to go on _______ in Europe and Asia next year.



12. Let’s try to get home quickly before the rain really _______ .



13. This area of town is beginning to look very _______ and impoverished.



14. You’ve got to get up very early tomorrow so don’t forget to _______ your alarm.


15. Long _______ and so continue winning all its matches!



16. The findings of the survey _______ contrary to what was expected.



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