Host Family Accommodation

The experience of being an overseas student can be exciting as well as educational, but students often need help with important arrangements such as finding a safe and convenient place to stay. Our ‘Host Families’ offer a great solution, and will also give you a chance to use your English language every day.

A host family is a local family that you can stay with during our time with us. If you have applied for a language course, and will not be staying with relatives or friends, we can help to place you with a suitable family. Hosts have different reasons for accepting foreign students, but most simply have an interest in gaining knowledge about different cultures.

What to Expect from a Host Family

Your host will provide a safe, comfortable home, and do their best to support you as you progress through your course. They will:

  • provide with a secure, private, clean and warm bedroom, good healthy food, laundry facilities and a supportive environment.
  • be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and acknowledge the uniqueness of each student.
  • support and assist you in living comfortably within a foreign environment
  • respect your right to privacy.
  • respect your the culture, customs, language and beliefs, and acknowledge their significance within the household.
  • assist, and support you appropriately where needed or requested.
  • provide all meals as described in the Homestay Manual.
  • speak English that of a high standard
  • help with the basics of local culture.
  • ensure that students do not share a room with another student unless requested by us.
  • host no more than 3 students in the house at the same time, avoiding placing students who speak the same native language.

Living with a Host Family

You will be treated as a family member. The ‘homestay’ environment provides excellent opportunities for you to development your English language skills, as well as to enjoy British culture. The homestay experience aims to integrate the international student as a regular family member through involvement in activities, family events, and daily chores.

Host families are carefully selected and examined by our sister company, the Ruyang Guardian Service, and are fully checked and approved by AEGIS.

Choosing the Right Host family

We work with our partner, Ruyang Guardian Services, to find the right Host for you. We understand the importance of staying in regular contact with family’s ‘Houseparents’ to make sure everything goes well during your stay.

Levels of Accommodation

You can choose between ‘Bed & Breakfast’, ‘Half board’ and ‘Full board’. The main difference involves the food provided by your host. Remember – if you want to join the family for meals, you will have to be ‘home’ at their standard meal times!

Host families will be told if you have any special food requirements, and will serve dishes appropriately.