We are very proud of our LLA current team. Our teachers are highly-skilled, experienced and well-travelled educators, while our administrators are dedicated to monitoring and assisting with all aspects of our students’ progress.

In addition, we also draw upon the support of our partner company, the Ruyang Guardianship, to provide a happy, safe and productive learning environment for our younger students. 

Kenton Evans


After a successful career as a teacher of English, mathematics and computer science, Mr. Evans ensures that our students get all the help they need to achieve their goals.

Kosh Huang

Head of Admissions & Student Welfare

Kosh has served as Admissions Officer and managed the administration of our main office for many years, matching students to the right course and making sure that our service adapts to the changing needs of the students.

Sonila Ndini

Administrative Manager

Sonila is responsible for daily administration at our partner, the Ruyang Guardianship. She also monitors the well-being of all LLA students, ready to help with any concerns.

Manuela Balski

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages & English

Serena Chiarucci

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages & English

Jackie Hinton

Teacher of English & Modern Foreign Languages

And, of course...our support staff and students!

The key to our success.

Although every group is different, we maintain the same attitude to progressive learning and a happy social life that has produced so many success stories over the years. Everyone is included and made to feel welcome, and each and every student is a valued member of our LLA community. Even after you’ve finished the course, you’ll always be welcomed back as a friend!