International Students


Depending on your country of origin, you may or may not need a student visa or Entry Clearance to enter Britain.

When checking your documentation and language capabilities, the Entry Clearance Officer (UKVI) will need to be satisfied that you intend to leave UK upon completion of your studies. Students should not to attempt to enter UK with a visitor (tourist) visa with a view to applying for a change of status at a later date.

As a student visitor with your student visitor visa, you are advised to carry in your hand luggage your confirmation letter from LLAc as well as evidence of financial support, as the immigration officer at the port of entry may wish to see them. You should also bring sufficient cash or traveller’s cheques in Sterling Pound, Euro or US dollars to meet your expenses on arrival, such as transport, meals and temporary accommodation (for example £300 in cash and a supply of traveller’s cheques).

You are strongly advised to arrange at least short-term accommodation before you arrive in the UK. If you have not reserved accommodation, we suggest you arrive in Leicester during normal office hours on a weekday and report to the Academy between 9.00 am-5.00 pm to seek assistance in finding accommodation.

If you require someone to collect you from an airport, please contact the Academy at least three working days prior to your departure from country of origin. Note that there is a charge for this service. 

Immigration Regulations

Once you have been allowed into the country, make sure you understand the conditions attached to your stay, i.e. the period you are allowed to remain and restrictions on taking up employment. If you are in any doubt, please contact the Registrar for assistance, bringing your passport with you.

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