Modern Foreign Languages

We are also able to offer tuition in Spanish, Italian, German, French, Mandarin and others, along with proofing services in these languages.

Research shows that learning languages builds friendships, improves brain power and opens up the world.

These classes tend to be more specialist, and we can arrange one-to-one tuition to suit you, working toward your specific goal, to your schedule. So, whether you want to improve a language for professional or social reasons, or if you are preparing for an exam, we can work together to create a study plan to suit your circumstances.

The teachers will be experienced native speakers, who will emphasise accuracy, while also giving you a real-world, practical foundation that will allow you to start using the language as early as possible – the key to rapid improvement, and the most satisfying way to learn.

We are happy to discuss all the options with you, so a quick call to the School office might be your next step to real fluency!

As from January 2017, the Leicester Language Academy shall be offering Evening and weekend Foreign language tuition in French, German and Spanish for Business, Travel and FUN!

Whether you’re new to the language or looking to fine tune what you already know, we have a course to suit your needs.

Take a small group course on evenings or Saturdays, or enjoy the flexibility and personal attention of a one-to-one course. If you’re learning for business we offer tailor made group or one-to-one lessons at your company offices.

Our Language Academy is a team of tutors from around the world dedicated to helping you to develop the skills to communicate in the language of your choice and become familiar with the cultural context that underpins it.

Classes are interactive, and our small-group communicative teaching provides all learners with a chance to practise and gain feedback on a regular basis. Taught using both English and your chosen foreign language, each class will develop the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as awareness of relevant cultures.

We offer up to four different levels for each language:

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Conversational

Level 1 – Beginners for complete beginners who have no previous knowledge of the language. The course will introduce basic vocabulary, grammar and culture, equipping you with ‘survival skills’.

Level 2 – Intermediate for students who have studied the language for a year recently, or have a basic competence acquired through study in the past. The aim is to build on existing knowledge, improving grammar and conversational skills.

Level 3 – Advanced for students who have a good grasp of the language (and are motivated to consolidate their knowledge and progress. This level will equip participants with more sophisticated conversational skills in the language and further knowledge of the culture of the country (or countries) where the language is spoken.

Conversational. No previous knowledge is required to study any of the above languages. The classes are ideal for anyone interested in learning a new language, and for those who would like a refresher.

Each class will involve classes and tutorials, independent learning and practical group work, giving you plenty of opportunities to develop your skills inside and outside the classroom.